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2004 Winner - Opaque Roof Sunroom Less than $25,000


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Winner - Opaque Roof Sunroom Less than $25,000

Southern Exposure
412 S. College Rd., Suite 54
Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 793-2762
Contact: Cheryl Kremer

To view a short video on this award winning sunroom, click on the link below (broadband connection required).

Winner Video

Connie Petrone and her husband moved to their lovely new home in scenic Southport, NC, from their busy life in New York City.  A sunroom was something they had heard they must have, and so they approached Southern Exposure about adding one to their new home.

"I have always loved nature," said Petrone.  "With our sunroom, I can look out and see my bird feeder always filled with birds, and we have a lot of fish here and wildlife, which I can see while being indoors."  Their sunroom provides them with a panoramic view of the lake, which surrounds their home on three sides.

The Design Awards are sponsored annually by the National Sunroom Association, comprised of manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in the sunroom industry.