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Benefits of Membership
As you consider membership, please keep in mind the Mission of the Association, as listed in the Bylaws: “The National Sunroom Association is an international, member-directed trade association dedicated to the advancement of the manufacture and construction of safe, energy efficient and environmentally conscious sunrooms, patio rooms, and solariums.”

In addition to the mission statement, we regularly post our anti-trust policy to all parties—prohibiting our discussion of pricing, discounts, and other competitive information. With these two guidelines in mind we suggest the following benefits to those considering membership in the NSA:

  • voice in the development of codes directly tied to our trade
  • minimal investment in a lobby for codes friendly to sunrooms
  • creation of new friendships in the industry
  • education in the code arena
  • education in the viability of components suitable to your product

Affiliate (Suppliers)

  • direct contact with current and future clients
  • voice in the development of codes that indirectly enhance your business
  • keeps you on the forefront of changes in the industry
  • a variety of meeting locations opens up new market possibilities
  • puts you in touch with technicians that may test your component items

Affiliate Organizations (Testing labs, Engineers, Associations)

  • direct contact with current and future clients
  • provides opportunity to share your expertise to members
  • provides a channel for your expertise to be utilized in codes
  • see the real-world application of your calculations

Dealer-Sponsor (a “Non-Member” category)

Although not eligible for voting or participation in NSA meetings, there are several direct benefits to the retail sunroom firms:

  • local watchdog feedback to NSA for code issues
  • NSA assistance in dealing with code obstacles
  • support for your manufacturing supplier in generating further sales
  • “sponsor certificates” to proudly display to your customers showing your support of the National Sunroom Association

There are two meetings each year, in a variety of locations. The meetings are usually two days, providing opportunity for business and a social time. The dues have been fine-tuned over the years, allowing for a budget that supports the mission, but does not require that the Board go out to members for special help throughout the year. In short, the time investment and monetary investment are small in light of the benefits noted above.

Who Can Join

Membership in the NSA is extended to all companies, associations, and individuals that have an interest in the sunroom industry through these categories of membership:

  • Manufacturer membership is open to companies that physically produce sunrooms.
  • Affiliate (Supplier) membership is open to those organizations that provide materials, components or services to the industry.
  • Affiliate Organizations - a special affiliate sub-category for professional engineers, testing labs, or associations engaged in the testing or evaluation of sunroom products.

How to Join

Click here to download an application for membership

For details about membership in the National Sunroom Association, please contact us:

National Sunroom Association
1300 Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115
Phone 216.241.7333; fax 216.241.0105

Join today! Make your voice heard in our industry and reap the benefits for your business.